A photo gallery of Janko Keyboards, with explanations and more links. Great research !

A wholetone keyboard called the Chromatone powered by a top-of-the-range Korg synth. The site is still in Japanese, but maybe English version soon to come. Looks like an under-capitalized venture. Got cash? Buy them up and help them out!

Already available, the Wilson Microzone keyboard made by Starrlabs. Just click on "Keyboards".

The Continuum keyboard handmade to order.

The Thummer looks very promising, buy their shares, sign up for the instrument. This is the coolest keyboard out yet. Their site is full of well thought out and well presented information, and from it you can google your way to countless discoveries, for example:

Nothing is new. The honeycomb was invented in 1729 by Leonhard Euler who called it Tonnetz

A page of old designs for concertina keyboards snidely called What's new?

When is the Daskin keyboard going to be available? Don't hold your breath.

America's Shrine to Music Museum



MNMA (music notation modernization association) Over 32 different ways of (re)writing music compared.

music theory and schools of thought

Download Ricci's trainer programs and sharpen your skills and knowledge

Download just-tuned MIDI files from A nice fresh approach to tuning and temperament solutions.

The Huygens Fokker Institute has the longest bibliography on tuning and temperament in existence (probably). Plus lots of links.

Norman Sohl's excellent Atlas of consonance

Roger Blumberg's interval-based system the Cipher. Explore all the fretted instruments including the Chapman stick in detail on this beautifully designed site, with free pdf charts including button accordion layout (both systems). Includes an complete exposé of the Janko system.

making stuff

Rapid prototyping

Design virtual instruments using Rhinoceros


Check out Douglas Bishop's panpipe hall of fame. I had no idea so many great players were around !

Woodwind fingering

This is Paul Timmerman's highly recommended links page

Piano History

See/hear my compositions

This site would not have been made without the help of Charly Founes. He got it started and made the first virtual instruments, and then taught me how to do them myself. I pillaged his Javascripts to make the Random Ragas. Check out this guy's work!cf29

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