Tone Space

The science of physics will always be gatesy and counterintuitive as long as we persist in describing a three dimensional space based on rightangle coordinates and cuboid fields of observation, with linear additive measurements. Where was this type of space to be found in nature? Has anyone seen the famous Outside Observer? Stanley Kubrick's film 2001 - a Space Odyssey hinges on the absurd improbability of discovering a cuboid in space. Cuboid buildings are also the most vulnerable to earthquakes. Isn't there a warning for us here?

Tone Space as described in this Atlas builds a multidimensional triangular lattice, as it were with neighbouring atoms. Each step in Tone Space multiplies rather than adds distance, just like Nature's forces. Each prime number provides an additional dimension without specifying "where" it has to go. And thanks to Fermat's theorem any point in a Tone Space lattice of *any* amount of dimensions can be described by a simple integer fraction, because the product of

(where m, n, q .... are primes and a, b, c ... are positive or negative integers) can never be factorized any other way.

NOTE: Because the discussion concerned music the choice was made to ignore the role of the prime number 2. If we were to use Tone Space for a description of the Universe, no such disqualification occurs.